Walter Waste Dock – Made from recycled single use cutlery

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WoW! This Wireless Phone Charger is made from recycled single use cutlery.How it’s made?Step 1: Recycling waste products.The process starts with collecting and disassembling waste products. After that, the plastic parts are sorted on type and colour. Next the plastic is cleaned and shredded.The end result of this step is the small plastic particles.Step 2: Making panels from recycled material.The recycled plastic is carefully poured on a flat bed. When there is enough material on the bed it is closed with a heavy top and it goes into a giant hot press. The plastic melts and after cooling down a panel is created.Because the recycled plastic is poured by hand each Waste Dock has its own unique pattern.Step 3: CNC milling docks from panels.The docks are milled from the recycled plastic panels by a computer controlled milling machine. This machine has fast rotating cutters to carve out the docks.Step 4: Assembling and packingFinal step is to brand the docks and assemble them with charger and cable. Before packing all docks are tested to make sure they wirelessly charge your phone perfectly. Now they are ready for their second life!

Product omschrijvingRecycled, Technology

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